01 January 2019

Launching in 2019

ACCA Case Study Specialists are launching our SBL Exam Technique Development programme to support your June 2019 exam preparation.

We know that many ACCA students are confident self-learners, studying hard to learn technical accounting material. Those textbooks are big, and the dedication needed is huge.

But when ACCA created the SBL exam in 2018, a whole new element was added to passing exams. In their quest to “better equip students to be professional accountants of the future” ACCA require you to integrate your technical knowledge with the business scenario of the exam.

This case study style of examination is a significant change for established tutors. We’ve heard many stories of P1 and P3 courses or materials simply being added together to create one huge course – but this will not be enough to get you through the SBL exam.

We have been working as Case Study examiner / tutors for nearly 20 years  and we know that exam technique is as important as knowledge when it comes to this style of exam. Your technique includes:

  • Having a clear timetable for your exam time, down to the minute
  • Being a confident ‘active reader’
  • Knowing how to plan your answer effectively
  • Having a strategy for answering each question
  • Purposeful practice using mock exams with realistic illustrative answers and useful feedback
  • Knowing how to critique your own performance and plan improvements

We have designed an SBL Exam Technique Development programme that makes use of our professional experience and shows you how to demonstrate your technical knowledge in exactly the style the SBL examiner is looking for. We will give you the strategy and confidence you need to pass.

Want to know more?

The programme will be available from 1 March 2019. Free content will be added to our Resources page; sign up to receive an invitation to join.

  • Trisha

    I passed :) Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the team. I still can't quite believe it but I'm so happy!