04 January 2019

Planning your plan

We’re busy creating our course content ready to launch our first SBL Exam Technique Development programme to support June 2019 students.

Planning in the exam is one of the key exam technique skills. ACCA are very clear that ‘Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance’ and that time has been built into the exam for you plan answers.

Some students might be tempted by this. If you are thinking ‘Great, I’m pretty good at writing an answer without planning, that gives me an extra 40 minutes!’ – Stop. Stop right now.

Yes, we’ve all heard stories of the student who didn’t revise, didn’t plan, learnt the syllabus by reading the textbook once and scored the highest mark possible. If you truly think you are this super human, go for it – you don’t need us.

But for us mere mortals, planning your answer will give you the structure you need to cover all elements of the requirement in the very limited time available. Going into the exam with a plan for planning will give you the confidence you need to focus.

ACCA say “it would be wise to plan the whole exam before answering any part of the paper.” That means setting 40 minutes for planning at the beginning of the exam, but we have some concerns with this approach. Will a plan you wrote 30 minutes into the exam really make sense to you 3hrs and 30 minutes in, when you’re tired? Won’t you need to read the requirement and exhibit again to remind yourself what you should be doing? If so, you’re doubling up and wasting time.

We think there’s a different approach, which our experts are testing now, to maximising your output and only doing the ‘thinking’ once. We are looking forward to sharing it with you as part of our tuition.

Whatever approach you take, an early part of your exam preparation must be planning your plan. When you start work on your ACCA SBL exam you will only be successful if you have accounted for every minute of your exam time, and are confident enough in your plan to stick to it faithfully.

  • Trisha

    I passed :) Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the team. I still can't quite believe it but I'm so happy!